Hi gorgeous!

I’m Carla Gadyt and welcome to The Laptop Boss Life!

I have started my own online business over 10 years ago, in social media marketing.

I have always been passionate about being an entrepreneur, and doing “my thing”, but for many years I tried to fit the mould in 9-5 traditional jobs that were never fulfilling.

I mean, I was simply unemployable! I have had hundreds of jobs and never settled in any simply because it wasn’t my truth.

I have learned a lot in each one of them, but what I learned the most is that I need to listen to myself and follow my call. And so I did.

I have always been passionate about social media and online marketing, and started mt own business from my laptop whilst still working in one of those 9-5 jobs.

The business grew and at some point I decided it was time to take the plunge and follow my entrepreneurial voice.

It was scary, but I have never looked back.

When I decided to commit to it 100%, my business took off. I finally was able to have the best of both worlds: the money AND the freedom.

And also, being able to fulfill my life call of helping others create and grow their own online businesses too.

Besides social media marketing, I have also started doing blogging, creating websites on WordPress and Shopify, email marketing, affiliate marketing, selling products, courses, and services online.

Nowadays I have several online sources of income, which enables me to help others with my unique gifts the way I feel guided to, and to live my laptop boss life, being able to work from anywhere I want when I want.

I always loved travel and to explore the world, so I can spend my days living in joy and have my work around my life (and not the other way around).

I’m also able to decide when I want to work and set up systems that work by themselves without me needing to be online all the time, so more time to spend with myself, my 7 year old daughter, friends and family. Yeyyyy! ๐Ÿ™‚

And I’m fully commited to share my knowledge and experience I have accumulated during all these years and help you grow and thrive in your online business(es) and live the laptop boss life on your own terms!

Are you ready? ๐Ÿ™‚